Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I worry alot. I worry about work. I worry about the weather. I worry about my family. I worry about my friends. I worry about people forgetting me. I like to be remembered. And I like to remember people.
I'm scared that you'll forget me. I'm scared I was just another person. I like to be significant. I'm afraid that we'll both go on with our lives, and be just another memory. And though this may sound cheesy.....I don't want that to happen. I guess what I'm trying to say is; please, don't forget about me.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Work, aka "work"

Work.....I work for a Condotel. Yes, that is a word, and yes, that is truly where I work. A condotel. Now, one important fact about my line of work....and where I work.....it's busiest time is Winter. Let me say that again, WINTER (don't want any confusion). Now, I have been here nearly a year, and I have learned people (the guests) are happiest in the Winter. Why? Because there is Snow! YAY! for SNOW!! It makes the people happy. They get to ski, snowboard, tube, all those fun things. Well right now, as I am typing this the season is very much Summer. Nothing important happens in the Summer in Park City! well....we do have Lacross the last two weeks of June, and Softball tournaments (Triple Crown Softball) for the Whole month of July, and then we have the soccor players that come in the first two weeks of August. But other than that...Nothing! And we, the Front Desk Agents, get bored. As you may have been able to tell from my last entry. However, at one of the offices we have discovered that if you use a Dry Erase Marker.....you can draw on the countertops (they're made of marble or granite.....whichever) and it comes right off!! I have drawn many pictures with this new discovery, and I've written a new policy for the company as well. Which is as follows; Thank you for choosing (company name), please read the following carefully. Our policy includes the Golden Rule. If You are nice to us, We are nice to You. If you are mean or mad at us, escpecially for a situation we cannot control, our politeness will be 100% FAKE. Guaraunteed! (is that how you spell it?) Once again, thank you for choosing (company name), and enjoy your stay in Park City. P.S. We truly don't care if your unit has A/C or not, because this is a Ski town.

Now you may think that is rude.....but I, along with the other workers in this office, think it's hillarious. Mainly because our company doesn't do much to make guests comfortable....at least not in a timely manner. However we have recently gotten a new General Manager. And so far she is very pro-active. Very! and it's a good thing because maybe, we'll finally get people to do their jobs right away. And I won't be the only one "yelling" at housekeeping to stop gossiping (sounds like my last job!!) and get off their lazy butts and get their work done. hahahhaha!

Well "work" is over, adios!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Bored=Not having the ability to make good use of free time ~Arthur Protasio~

Okay, I know I just typed the meaning of bored...but I really am bored. Today is the 5th of August in the year 2007, and I am bored. I have nothing good to do with my free time. I've already been to my usual sites on the internet, filled out about 1/2 a dozen surveys, and I have left comments on a few people's profiles as well. And so I consider myself truly bored because I have run out of all the good things to do in a morning. Now I must wait till noon (15 minutes) before I can get out of my boredom and make good use of my free time. Until then I think I will eat something as my stomach seems to be eating me. Ciao!