Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Nutcracker!

It was a wonderful night out! Chris took me to see the Nutcracker this past Saturday, and it was truly amazing.

The day started off with my dying my hair...and worrying that it was going to go wrong. Luckily it didn't and I'm now a few hair shades darker...almost black, but not quite. It's really pretty, and only accents my natural hair color that didn't quite get colored....good thing I picked a color that does that.

Next, Megan and I joined up with Mark (my brother-in-law) and my niece Emma, for an hour or two at the mall. It was cute because Emma decided that she needed to carry her baby doll around with her. Unfortunatley for me I didn't get my Christmas shopping done as I'd hoped. Thankfully Mark didn't seem to mind. I hope I didn't waste his time. Thank You Mark, for going with Megan and I to the mall. Once we were done at the mall, we quickly stopped by Costco. And then we were on our way home,and I was going to drop off Megan as she also had to get home.

How lucky I am to have Megan as a friend! She helped dye my hair by the way, and luckily she liked it! :-) She also let me borrow a beautiful black dress for the Nutcracker. It really was pretty. It had a square neckline, an empire waist with a floral arrangement of beads to accent the line. It was long, and it flowed as I walked. Which I really liked. :-) And the best part about it...It fit! I could breath, and it fit. Which was the icing on the cake for me. See, the dresses I tried on from my mom and dad's....Let's just say this, I'm totally not the same size as those dresses.

After Megan gave me the dress, I hurried home to get ready. My mom pulled half of my hair up, and pinned it with some bobby pins, and she gave me a square necklace with matching earrings, that just happened to match the dress, (my Mom's cool that way, she has a talent for matching). I did my make-up, my mom took some pictures (I'll see if I can't post a pic or two). And then I was out the door. I safely hurried up to Salt lake, Where Chris and I headed out for our date.

We picked up our tickets, and ate at a cute little German Deli/store that was next door. It was delicious and authentic. We sat at the bar that ran along the window (there were only about 5-7 tables, which were all full). We got a really good view though. The snow was falling down, and people were doing stupid things in the street, but we had a nice view of The Monaco Hotel. Once we were done with dinner, we bundled up and went back to The Capitol Theatre. Where they were just opening the doors. I was so excited! But that lasted for a very short time....because by the time we got to our seats...my excitment had been drained a bit. We were two rows away from the back wall....in the second balcony. And because I'm me, and my brain is slowly loosing it's correct wiring...I had a blond moment. I was sitting there thinking, waiting for it to start, and something in my head said "I wonder how they're going to project this far...They'll probably use microphones, but I don't see any speakers up here, oh well I guess I'll just find out when it starts". I did find out when it started. I found out it was a Ballet. No microphones needed. Smart. I know.

But the performance was amazing, and even though there were kids in laps in front of me, (supposedly you're not allowed to do that) and the people behind me were having seating trouble, the show was really good. and I personally, cannot wait until next year to go again. and have better seats, I hope.

So that was our night out. It was amazing. and I loved it. Thank you Chris!