Monday, August 31, 2009

So, I was browsing online and looking at a good handful of blogs that I enjoy looking at, and I thought to myself, "It's time to change my blog". So that's what I'm doing. I'm changing my blog.

I started with my background. Worked a bit on font colors. Added a blinking button, and a couple normal buttons (or was that the other way around?). I listed some of the blogs I read (the same ones that inspired me to concoct this little bit for you). And then I proceeded with one more change. Adding a new post.

I've recently moved from my nice 1 bed room apartment to a super fun & way cute basement apartment. I've got a roomie (Alli) and my two cats. We have a bowling "Alli", fireplace, washer & dryer (BIG bonus) a large & quite spacious front/back yard, with a river! Alli & I are planning on building ourselves a fire pit! So plan on some delicious s'mores & hot dogs, melted starbursts if that suits your fancy, and of course campfire songs and or Ghost stories! Because as we All know, you shouldn't have a fire without songs or some good ghost stories. ;-) If you have any other items or ideas for enjoyment around a camp fire, let me know! All ideas are appreciated.

Now, back to our bowling "Alli"...our living room is lined with the faux wood flooring which makes for perfect sliding in flip flops or socks. haha, lucky us! With this amazing discovery, we've decided we're going to host a Swedish Crayfish party with "redneck" bowling. (HAHAHA!!! Did you get that Alli?) Anyway, we're not going to be serving real Crayfish, so you can release that shocked gasp of air pocket you've been holding in. Most likely it will be cupcakes with the swedish fish gummies on top or just to make things fun, a Large Messy Lobster cake so our guests can wear the Lobster bibs we hope to obtain (Now, I know I said it was a Crayfish party, and now I'm confusing you with all this talk about lobster, but the little cretins are so similar that unless you know exactly what a crayfish looks like, you won't know the difference) I know, it's brilliant!

Well, I think that's all the updating I can get done for now. I'm kind of at work. Not the best time to be updating my blog...but honestly, it is the best time to update my blog (Makes me look busy). Haha! Alright my readers, until next time. Enjoy my amazing new page!