Sunday, May 11, 2008


Happy Mother's Day MOM!! I LOVE YOU! and I want to say Thank You for being such a wonderful Mother. I know I don't tell you that as much as you deserve to hear. So i'm taking this time to tell you know.

Thank You so much for putting up with me. My infamous tantrums, my stubborness, my goofy-ness, and random off the wall comments. Thank You for loving me through all of that. You truly are a wonderful mother, and I am so blessed to have been sent to you. I'm sorry for all the times I've made you cry, or upset you. I'm sorry for getting upset at so many little things. I'm so grateful that you have such a wonderful personality, the way you describe things, your writting style that you use to journalize the many scrapbooks that you spent so much time on. Mom, in all honesty, I do appreciate your skill and talent that you put into those books. I hope that someday, your patience for sitting down and creating something beautiful like that, will rub off on me. I love you so much Mom. Thank You again for always being there for me.

Happy Mother's Day. I Love You!

Funny and Typical. Another Tale of my Kitchen Incidents....

Okay, so by the title you can probably tell that it is not uncommon for me to make mistakes while I'm working in the kitchen. Most of the time I burn the food.....Luckily for me, Chris still eats it...well, as long as he can tell what it is. He says it helps him put hair on his chest? haha, anyway. This incident I'm going to tell you about, just happened last night. You might want to grab a box of tissues....
I was slightly hungry for some chocolate chip cookies...and I had a packet of cookie mix, so I grabbed the mix of chocolate chip cookies, and a box of Triple Chocolate decadence Brownie mix (like I said, I wanted some chocolate, and I was hungry) and Chris and I headed to his place to mix up the batches, and watch The Office. The cookies were sooo good too! yummy!!! and Because we felt like it, we mixed up the brownies as well. Well, I mixed them up (we later discovered that that wasn't such a good idea....). So, I mixed up the brownies, and I spread the batter nice and smoothly over the pan. I then sat on the couch for a minute to give the oven a chance to cool from the cookies I'd baked just minutes before. Once I determined the oven was ready, I read the brownie box to determine the time for which they would bake, and I just happened to glance at the ingredients, and suddenly realized that....I'd forgotten to mix in the egg! Luckily, I hadn't put the pan into the oven yet, and was able to scoop out the mix, back into the bowl, and add the egg. which made such a difference in the texture of the batter! where as before it was all clumpy and difficult to spread...the egg added much needed lubrication. It basically made the batter smoother, spreadable, and probably added to the taste as well. HAHAHA!! and yes, just like I said, this is quite typical of me. Which means that Chris wasn't the least bit surprised when he learned about it. It did give him a good laugh too, I mean, it was just too funny of an incident not to.
So, What's going to happen to the brownies now? Well, because we ended up not eating them last night as it took 33 minutes to bake....we are going to take them to his mother's house for part of our desert after dinner tonight. Chris admitted to me, that he is nervous about giving them to his family and quite frankly, I don't blame him. I know they're not poisenous or anything....but, they might taste funny (as that's not uncommon either). Because (and here's the part I didn't tell him) I don't know the exact amount of oil or water I added.... The recipe called for 1/4c water, and 1/3c oil.....(or maybe it was the other way around?) but Chris, doesn't have measuring cups that go below 1/2c. So using his glass measuring cup that goes from 1/2c.-2c. I guessed. Anyway....that's my Funny but Typical kitchen experience.
Hope you all enjoyed it. I know I did! hahahhahahahhahaahahaha.....