Thursday, June 19, 2008

My New Job. Check it out.

I have a new job. I now work at Kitchen Resource. I am in the customer service department. I answer phone calls, questions, (from both the customer and myself). I send replacement parts, and give the address of where customers are to send their machines to us to be the ones to get their machines fixed. I am lucky here. I am lucky to be here. This company is great. They give us lunch everyday. And not just any kind of lunch, they have a chef who comes in and makes us nice lunches from scratch. It is amazing. They are amazing. The hours are the best. I work 10am-5pm, Monday-Friday. It is heaven.
My last job, was the complete opposite. I worked too many hours for too little pay. I'm glad I left. They were worthless. They didn't care about any of the guests what-so-ever. Housekeeping was horrible, it seemed they never vacuumed, wiped-off any counters or other surfaces that should have been disinfected. Dishes don't get run through the washer, and some of the time the sheets don't get sent to the cleaners because corporate is more determined to save money and not pay the Cleaners, than to have nice clean sheets for the guests to sleep on. I for one, think that is ridiculous and that the company is going to be shut down. I can only hope for so much though.
The other ridiculous thing with my previous employer is that they do not give their employees any reason to stay there and work for them. No raises until November! No bonuses until 2010, if ever again. Insurance doesn't do squat! Over all, it's a stupid company, and is going down hill. Fast. I only hope they go down shortly. Or else get their heads out of their greedy selves and put some money into that fiery doom. Which they won't.
On the bright side, I have a fantastic job. I even recieved a fax at my new job from Future Stacey. It is as follows;
Date:6/16/2008 (that's my favorite part from future Stacey, she made it seem so real and near!)
Regarding: Kitchen Resource

Dear Stacey,
You should be into your second week of working at Kitchen Resource by now. Keep it up, you will be running the Service Department soon enough.

Yours truly,
Future Stacey
P.S. Beware of the potato salad.

Little does future Stacey know, I Love Potato salad, and I will not give it up. Never. That is a fruitless battle that is already lost. Future Stacey should have known this. But since she also didn't know the correct date...I have no reason to hold it against her. After all, it is Future Stacey I am talking about, and She is amazing. :)

I admit, the only downside of working here, I have to give up Pre-School. And that knowledge tears me apart more than Tear apart auto recycling, tears apart a car. This choice tears me apart completely. I didn't know I would be affected by it this much. The only solace that I have in this choice is the knowledge that someday I will be able to continue in pre-school again. As I have already decided that I am going to be a Teacher when I finally decide to continue growing up. I have no doubt my parents wish that to happen soon. And I admit, I also feel the need for that to continue shortly. The sooner the better as it is always said, and sometimes is right.

Now, as the time is nearing 5pm, I must bid all my fabulous readers fairwell. It's time to finish my work.