Friday, August 31, 2007

You stay young at heart, because that is Love

Love can be a lie. One of the most abused lies too. People do things in the name of "love". Yet rarely do they ever know what real love is. Mainly because society has twisted that word to mean only one action and not one's actions. I know what love is. I've seen it. Love, is the bond between my Grandma and Grandpa. Love is when you can watch your spouse puke all morning long, holding their hand and being ready to help them back to bed when they're sick. Love is when you would do ANYTHING for that special person. Love is when you grow old in age but stay young at heart for your whole life, just because that's the way the other person makes you feel. Love is missing somebody even when they've been gone ten minutes. Love is never wanting to let go. Love, is love. But many times, a lie. Love is the most powerful, Most destructable, most abused, and most wanted word in the world. That simple word has the power to destroy a person. It can make one feel as if nothing will ever be okay ever again. That one word can make people feel happy, to feel safe, to feel....loved. But that word also has the ability to be used. "I love you" is the most abused sentance in the english language. And many other languages if not all. Men and Women will say it to get what they want. In any regard they want. And because of its power, everybody falls into its trap. Even when it's not meant as a trap. It's what happens, because it's a big part of life. Love, is a mask. Love is protection. Love is a lie. Love is true. Love does not die, nor does it kill.