Monday, November 24, 2008


Okay, so saturday wasn't the best day in the world but over all I'd say it was fairly good. It started off with nothing going on and ended with a Bang! (literally). And since the bang is the part that gets fairly interesting because there's more to say about that than the other activities I participated in that day, I'll slowly fast forward to that time.

Chris and I had gotten lunch at Gandolfo's (So so good). Then we went back to his apartment so that I could watch the Cougars game on TV, and he would watch a movie on his computer (He doesn't like football at all, he's a soccer fan, and I can say, that soccer players are very talented). Okay, so I'm trying to set up the TV to receive channels. And with his kind of have to mess with the antennae constantly to get it to receive the best quality through out the whole show. For instance, when we watch The Office on Thursday nights, we probably fiddle with the antennae about 100 times during the show. We've discovered much to our anger-fueling-ness, that any movement, Any Movement, will set it off. The people upstairs....if we wiggle a's just absurd. So, I was getting the TV ready for amazing football experience, only to find out that the Mountain had contracted the game to be played only on certain channels. SO I WASN'T ABLE TO WATCH THE GAME!!! Grrr!!! So I went and grabbed Chris's radio and turned it on to KSL News Radio 1160 AM. That was just painful in every possible way. One, I don't know names! I've never had to pay attention to that because I used to be able to just watch the game on TV. But noooo! I can't this year because of the Mountain! *(Sigh)* So I just sat listening...waiting for the score. BYU lost. But that's not a bad thing since you know, now they get 1.4 million dollars for their school. And I'm sure the other schools in the conference were happy about that because they also get money for their schools. So see? It's not a bad thing.

Anyway, so all through the game, my mom is texting me asking if I'd like to come down and go to Kira's dance recital. I say yes and head off to my place to shower and basically get ready for the day. I mean it's not like I was in my pajamas but....I just smelled like bleach. And that's just a nasty smell all together. So I'm getting ready for the day at 5:30 in the p.m. Chris comes over, picks me up about fourty minutes later, (6:10-6:15 pm for those who didn't pay attention) and we head down to Provo to watch Kira dance. The concert doesn't start till 7:30, and we got there at 7:20. So we're chilling, figuring out how to work Tasha's video camera, and then the action starts. Kira dances, and she did a fantastic job! Kudos to Kira. Mom sold an apron for $25, and a purse for $20. Not too shabby Mom! And Chris and I leave to go to Mom and Dad's for some dinner. :)

So we're driving along heading towards the place of food....and a deer pretty much pops out of no where in front of us. I screamed, "DEER!!!" Chris slammed on his brakes, and pretty much just comes to a complete and very abrupt stop. But not without hitting the deer. It dented his fender, busted a headlight, and a couple other minor damages were done to the car. The deer of course is fine. We were pretty lucky. Basically, we had seen it just in time to hit the brakes as hard as we had, to stop as fast as we did. Otherwise I'm sure the antlers would have gone through the windshield and we probably would have gotten at least a few scratches if nothing else. So the deer ran off, and Chris and I pulled into a parking lot to asses the damage, and to allow me time to get my breath back. I was more shaken up than Chris was. So he called his mom to see if he needed to report it to his insurance, and then he called his insurance. Luckily we didn't have to call the police and wait around forever for that paperwork (somehow it always feels like an hour when the police have to file papers for you). As time would have it though, it was about 45 minutes later that we finally got to my parents house. And by that time both families knew about it, and I was still having trouble standing up ( so I didn't do that until we got some food).

Today, Chris took his car to a body shop, and they gave him a rental. A toyota Yaris. He says it seems like it'd be a good car for his parents. I agreed, and that's the last update I got from him.

That pretty much wraps up that day. Now back to Friday night.

I had just gotten home, it was about 11pm and I was checking my mailbox (I seem to do that alot in one day) and I heard screaming coming from the apartment closest to me. I glanced up and saw through the blinds, that a TV was turned on to cartoons. So that automatically states that a kid is living in there as well. So that kind of caught my attention pretty fast. The other thing that caught my attention was, the awful words coming from the house. From what I can gather, the mom was yelling at her kid. For whatever reason....But she was absolutely rigid and horrible! She was yelling at her kid, saying things that are completely unacceptable in any situation. Saying that if he (I think it is a boy, because of the bikes they have on the balcony) If he ever messed things up again, she would literally f-him up (that's what she said) Poor kid was just bawling his heart out, she's yelling and screaming at him to shut up. Something is hitting the wall....I was frozen, horrified that somebody could be that cruel. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to call the cops, I wanted to pound on her door and just yell at her...I was just so angry at her for acting like that in front of her kid. I didn't pound on her door, I didn't let her know I knew what an awful person I have decided her to be. I didn't call the cops. I didn't do anything. I went into my apartment and cried. Mostly for her kid, and for the coward that I was. She would never have known it was me that had called. But I didn't call, and the only excuse that I have is that I didn't know if I could. I didn't know if I could call without evidence or whatever. But now I know that I can call, and so next time I will. I've started paying special attention to my surroundings when I'm near that apartment, and hopefully I won't have to call the cops.

Now, let's fast forward to Sunday! (it's a much happier experience).

Mostly this is going to be about the amazing chef I have become. I say that because when I used to cook for Chris....let's just say it was a nice thing that his fire alarm doesn't work. However now that I've become quite the chef, he could probably put batteries in it, and not worry about it going off. Unlike my apartment that has a powerful alarm.

So, I made a zesty Lemon chicken, with mashed potatoes, and rolls baked in butter (gives it a nice flaky texture) and Chris sauteed mushrooms, onions, and squash. So good. And nothing was burnt. Yes, I am very pleased about that.