Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm Incompetent.

Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently I'm incompetent. But only because I don't know how to do a three way call. Yes, you read that right too.
So here's the scoop, an owner calls us up this morning and starts yelling at me saying that he had a huge amount of items that were taken out of his unit and that it had been cleaned by somebody. Now if I had gotten a free cleaning I wouldn't be complaining. But where he had personal stuff removed by one of our paid housekeepers.....yeah, I can see his point. I then tell him I wouldn't know where his stuff is but that he could call our Housekeeping manager to find out. He then says that he wants me to patch him through (it's as though I were an operator), but unfortunately I can't do that as it is a cell phone that our HK (housekeeping) manager uses. He then says, "What, you don't know how to do a three way call?" "Um, no sir I don't." (me). He then yells, "You know what, your incompetance is enough that I want to pull my unit out of rental. who can I talk to about that?" "well sir that would be our general....." "I want my unit out as quickly as possible, I am terminating my contract with you today!" "Sir, let me grab my manager, just one minute." I then put the little turd on hold and tell my manager the story.
But yes, that is why I am incompete
nt. Stupid huh? Yeah I thought so too. I mean, hello? "don't shoot the messenger" clearly applies to this job! But no, I get "shot" at everyday! I am sick of this job! I'm sick of getting yelled at for something that I obviously have no control over! Another example of that is a crazy lady called this morning demanding to know why we were cutting down a tree on mun raw? and demanded that she see our permit or else she would call the police and an attorny. I mean what the heck? do people not hear me say, "Thank you for Calling *(company name)* this is Stacey, How may I help you?" Our company name doesn't even sound like some builder either! I might as well not even say that as we get numerous Post office calls too. oh my gosh! No reason to say it what-so-ever! No matter what I say in the begining, I've learned that as long as people think they're getting what they want, they'll yell at me. I might as well answer, "What do you want now?" I mean come on, we're in the HOSPITALITY industry! Why in the world would I care about a package that the Post office has??? If people would only listen to my greeting.....*(sigh)*
and here I go again....