Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Okay, so I'm sure that halloween blogs will be very common and original right now, but I still had to post mine. Because Halloween is a fun time! I mean what other time can you dress up and act like a crazy person and not get in trouble for it?

My family likes to make special dinners for each holiday, so every month (well, nearly every month) we have a big dinner! and it is honestly the coolest tradition my family's been able to keep! Hahaha! And most of the time, we're not so lucky to have our holiday dinners right on the actual date....but this year for Halloween, we're actually going to be having it on Halloween!! (Tonight!) and It is going to be absolutely awesome! We're going to be having Sloppy Joes, with Orange Jell-o, and orange pop, and I'm not sure what else, but it will still be cool. Infact, it will be the coolest Halloween Dinner this year! muahahhaha!

After dinner, I will be heading back up to salt lake, for a Halloween Movie Night with my friends. We're going to watch, "What Lies Beneath". I love that movie, no matter how many times I watch it, I still get tense! hehehe! *(sigh)*'ll be a good halloween. At least, I hope so. I made some candy corn for a snack too! It's comprised of popcorn, candy corn, and m&m's mixed in white almond bark. No it isn't flavored to taste like almonds. Though you think it would.

Anyway, those are my Halloween plans that are going to make this year amazing! :D I can't wait to get off work, just a half an hour longer, and then I'll be out! Oooooh!

So for today, the things that have been happening are insane! It makes it feel as though it's a full moon!! Alot of crazy activity has been going on with the whole moving offices's been dirty, and out of place with everything! Nothing is where it belongs. But it's good. Insane, but good. anyway, I have to go get changed, Peace out y'all!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday's stink!

Okay, wow it's been a while. So, here is an update on life. Megan is nearly done with ASRL. Her last day is this tuesday, (tomorrow). and then she will be done with Park City for a long time. Probably forever as far as work is concerned. As for living in salt lake, she has pretty much moved out. Her last night in our apartment is tonight. and then she will be in orem full time. In about two weeks time from last friday, the other front desk agent will be gone, and I will be the only one working....well at least the front desk. We have currently moved as well, our dingy office to our nice office. and it is cramped already! Even though it's just the office equipment. My manager will be situated right behind me, and our Gm will be in the second office just to the side and next to the bathroom. muahahaha! but she isn't moving in until she gets her door up because she doesn't trust anybody. I think she's insane.....but at least she gets the job done....well, partly gets the job done. I can't decide if she is better than our old GM or not. One thing I do know, she doesn't have the best people skills. But all in all, she is a good worker when she is focused. Just like the majority of us. so that's it for work. As for living for me....I am completely on my own until december when I will be moving in with Vicky a girl from my ward. Just accross the street (well nearly) from where I live now. I will be living with her for six months and then I will be out on my own all over again. But I will have my cat back. That'll probably be one of the best parts!! I love my cat! Granted he's not my silly dog, bu hey we can't all be goofy like she is. Tucker is silly....but he's more crazy than silly. hahaha! and he's such a brat. One of his favorite things is to walk all over my chest when I'm trying to sleep. and then when he's found a comfortable spot he'll plop down, wrong end facing me, and make himself comfortable. Even if it means biting my hand to make me move it! hahahahaha! oh he's insane. I'm not sure what i'll be doing with him for the six months with Vicky, but I'm hoping megan will be able to take him for that time, and if not....well I'm hoping my parents will be able to keep him for that little bit. (hint hint) Of course if he did go to my parents, I would have him declawed, but....I'm hoping that's a last resort (sorry). I like his front claws, hahahaha! As far as my ward is concerned, I love it! I absolutely love it! We have the craziest people ever! Which is why I belong so well!! hahahaha! oh man. A couple of my favorite people are, Stacey, Adam, and Adam. (no that's not me i'm referring to, though I do apply to my favorite's list). This is also the group of people I went and hung out with the night of our Halloween Party. Which by the way was a slight flop. There were some mix ups concerning the party so not many showed up. Anyway, that night we went out to ihop (which by the way, stand for International House Of Pancakes! It took me some time before I actually got that). and we were out till 12! it was cool. and was actually the latest I'd been out with friends in nearly a year. IT was fantastic!! and just what we needed for the night. anyway, Work is up, and I'm outta here for the night.