Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Update! Update! Update!!

Okay, So last weekend I was able to go up to Idaho with Chris and my Dad! IT was SO MUCH FUN!!! We went up on Friday night. Saturday morning we got up about 10 am, and after having breakfast and making lunches we spent the day snowmobiling and jumping in the snow! We were able to go up onto Two-Top mountain and the view was incredible. On the top, it was so clear and bright, we didn't even have much of a wind, but only a few gusts now and then. Up on top we saw what my Dad calls the Snow-made Goblin Valley. It was amazing how the snow and wind could bend the trees like they were. I was also able to take a couple of pictures. I even got Chris in a couple of them with me (He doesn't like pictures at all, but was sweet enough to let me take a few :D ). After we walked around on the top, we went down a little bit to get out of the sun and found a good place to eat our lunch. We sat on the edge of a snow bank, which we jumped off of once we were done. I nearly landed on a hiden tree. The three of us continued jumping down one more snow bank to where Chris and I tried to shake a tree full of snow. Unfortunately the only snow that we were able to shake down landed on me! It was pretty funny though, even if it was really (really) heavy. Once that was done we went back down the mountain, and ended up on a nice empty piece of land where we spent a while racing the snowmobiles. I won the first race, but not very many (if any) after that. My Dad won a couple of them. On the E.X.T. too! Kind of funny actually. But it's true. Chris also said that was his favorite part of the day, was racing. When we all got back to our cabin, Chris and I put in a movie and crashed on the couch. Once Dad was done with his snow blowing (He stayed outside and cleared out the driveways for our cabin as well as Grandma and Grandpa Turpin's cabin), I made Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner. And No, I did not make too much rice. After dinner we geared up again and headed out for a cool night ride! Which are my favorite kind of rides! However because there was not a full moon, and it was mostly cloudy and darker, we got lost. Not completely lost as Dad knew the general direction and area, but we didn't find the trail he wanted to take us on. Instead we found the High way to the cabin. And also unfortunately becuase of the thickness of the trees we had to drive on the road back to a point where we could get back on the snow (which is technically illegal, but lucky for us, we weren't caught!). Once we got back to the cabin we inserted THE MUMMY, and enjoyed that with bowls of salsa and chips for the guys and a bowl of applesauce for me. By the time we'd gotten to bed it was 1 in the morning (due to the whole, Daylight savings time starting that night, other wise it would have been 12 am).

The next day was Sunday! oh Glorious Sunday! I was able to go to a full session of church!!! I loved it. After church was over we went back and cleaned up the cabin. While our dinner was cooking in the oven (Chicken Pot Pie with Mashed potatoes) Dad beat Chris and I at a game of foosball. I will admit, I am sadly out of practice. But it was fun anyway. We then had dinner and left the cabin to go to Grandma and Grandpa Turpin's! Where we stayed for Family Home Evening. It was a great experience I wish I could participate in more. But this was good, and we had a good time, even if it did get us home about an hour after we'd planned, and even Chris enjoyed it, despite the fact that he met our talkative cousin, Desiree (pronounced, De-sir-eh). But he did mention that he thinks Grandma Turpin is a cute little lady. and he likes Uncle Randy's personality. He has also mentioned that he has definitly got to get a snowmobile now (I think he liked it!).

This concludes my update! for tonight anyway. Good Night! and I'll see you all tomorrow! PEACE!