Saturday, July 28, 2007


I was asked yesterday what my plans for school are. I answered that I would post it in a blog, because these things are so much fun, and so here I am replying to that question.
My plans for school. I plan to move up to Logan, which is about an hour and a half from where I currently live. I want to attend Utah State University starting next school year, 2009. My reasons for that are; I will be assisting my neighbor from orem with her pre-school classes one last year (this one), and I plan to save up for a bit while I'm still working in Park City. It is true that living expenses aren't as high in Logan, but it's also true that one doesn't get paid too well either (which is why I'm saving :D ). My major will be Elementary Education, and my minor will be psychology. I think my minor will greatly help me with my major. At least that is the intent.
And that concludes my happy little plans for my future.

Friday, July 27, 2007

The Beginning

Today is the beginning of my new blogging technique. Though I don't know what it is I will be doing, or what it is I am already doing, I am excited to learn.
Okay, so just a quick up date with my life, since this is what most blogs are for...I currently live in South Salt Lake, and I work up in Park City. Really fast just so it is understood, That is not a bad Commute! Many people think that it is a long drive, but it isn't. While it's not 5-10 minutes, 15-20 minutes is not bad at all. Of course that does also depend on the weather. For instance, when it snows, that can hinder ones' time. However that rarely happens because of the infamous "Global Warming". haha!
I do not go to school. Instead I spend my "school year" assisting my neighbor from Orem with her Pre-school Classes. It is the coolest thing I could ever do with my time. Besides the fact that it is the funnest part of my day, it also gives me experience I will be able to use when I do go to school. I want to become an Elementary Teacher. And though I know and understand that teaching pre-school is very different than teaching elementary students, I will still have the basic information I need. ie. student related interactions (very important!).
As far as my dating world extends, I date more up here in Salt Lake, than I did at home. Which has it's up and downs just as any other place. The ups....I'm Dating! (whoo!). The downs....I don't really like the guys that ask me out. Yes, I know that sounds ungrateful, but seriously, somehow I always attract the guy that is still living with his Parents!! While that may be good for's not so good for me. Let me explain, when one dates, the parents aren't usually mixing in on your dates until about, oh i don't know....probably the fourth or maybe fifth! But hopefully not until the eigth or ninth! Unless! that person still lives with their parents! Now, this is not escpecially bad. If you're under 19. But I personally believe that it's best to get out of the house! okay, back on track. If a guy still lives with his parents, and He invites you over for a bowl of ice cream and a movie, or a game or whatever...that is fine. But if he lives with his parents, he should tell you. or at least warn you. It's only polite and politically correct, as well as indicating that he has good manners and is doing his best to make sure you don't feel uncomfortable. For instance, this one guy whom I've gone out with a bit, wanted me to play games with his parents by the 3rd! date!! Talk about uncomfortable. His parents are nice people yes, but I'm not ready to "close the deal". In other words...I'm Not Comfortable With This! But of course men don't ever get the hint. I guess I will just have to be blunt and tell him so. That's another down about dating. Eventually you have to tell the guy straight up how you feel about him. Either good or bad. It is because of these things that I have decided I am picky when it comes to men. I want a guy who is strong enough to carry me to my bed if I fall asleep during a movie. I want a guy who's mature to understand that sometimes girls are going to throw a fit for no reason (hormones, silly things). And much more, be able to handle that! I want a guy who appreciates the fact that I'm a nerd and Love to read! But that I'm also strong enough to stand the cold snow for hours on end, or that I can actually use a hammer. I want a guy who will hold my hand when I'm 80 and wrinkly from years of not using that aging cream that's so popular. I want a guy who will tease me, and tickle me, then laugh at me for getting "mad" about it. And I want a guy who can support me and our family, but will put our family first before his job (that he'll be able to tell the difference with priorities in that regard). *(sigh)* I want alot. I want a guy that doesn't even exist. cest la vie, or however that french quote is spelled.
And that concludes my blog for this morning (I say this morning because I might get bored with work and post another one). Ciao!