Friday, January 23, 2009

Spring Cleaning is Done!!

I decided to clean my apartment today. I did a fantastic job. I moved all the furniture in the living room and my dinning room. I vacuumed under everything, and I used that weird carpet powder. You know the kind you sprinkle all over the place and vacuum up a few minutes later. It made my apartment smell really nice. Well, that including my awesome little wall flower plug ins from Bath and Body, and the febreeze air spray that I have. The funny thing is, my carpet dust is Black Berry smell, my wall flowers are some kind of berry, I want to say it's Raspberry Vanilla or something, and my air spray is some kind of Tropical Breeze or something of that sort. And oddly enough it didn't clash too bad. I think it smells wonderful. But oh! what a job it turned out to be.
I got up this morning at 7:30-ish. And after not doing a whole lot, I decided that I would clean my apartment. I started with my bathroom as maintenance was going to come over and fix the leaky faucet in my tub (He ended up arriving around 10:30-ish, and now my tub is no longer leaky and the caulking job has been re-done). I admit it's very nice not to listen to the water run all the time. Anyway, once I got that done, I headed out to the living room. I picked up all the stupid ads I get in the mail. I swear I get about one thousand a day. It gets annoying you know? I think ads in the mail are as great as Telemarketers. (no offense Kindra), I just think they're annoying and a waste of paper. That and only about one eighth of the ads are actually good for anything.
Once I was done going through my whole apartment cleaning up the ads, I pulled out the vacuum. I moved my couch first as I knew there was definitely going to be some packing peanuts under there. I could see them. So I pulled out the couch. I cleaned underneath, and I pulled out the bed hidden in the couch, (AKA: A hide-away-bed) and I cleaned in there. I moved all the furniture in the living room. Sweeping a layer of carpet dust over everything. and then vacuuming again! I feel like I worked that machine over and over again. I emptied the can at least a dozen times just to make sure it wouldn't get clogged (It didn't by the way).
I then cleaned my dinning area. Under the table, shaking off the table cloth, clearing off the extra books that have piled up over time. I inserted the silly light covers in my kitchen that my cats somehow continuously knock down. I vacuumed my kitchen floor, just because I can. I vacuumed my room. I cleaned up every last piece of paper that was ever on the floor in there. I put away the silly exercise ball that I never use. and then, I cleaned out my closet. My shoes are all lined up. My dirty laundry and any other article of clothing that I assume is also dirty and needs to be washed was put in it's proper pile of one. and then I vacuumed in the closet. Oh, it is nice to have such a clean apartment. I feel like I've just moved in. Kind of nice. I hope I can make this look last. ;-)

This blog post has been brought to you by the letter V, and the number One. (V for Vacuum). Specifically speaking of the vacuum that I received for Christmas from My Mom and Dad. Thank you Mom and Dad.