Monday, September 10, 2007

What is Justice?

I want to know what Justice is. I found a petition online earlier today, and it read;

Do you remember February 1993 when a young boy of 3Was taken from a Liverpool shopping centre by two 10-year-old boys?Jamie Bulger walked away from his mother for only a Second. Jon Venables took his hand and led him out of the mall with his Friend Robert Thompson. They took Jamie on a walk for over 2 and a half miles, along the wayStopping every now and again to torture the poor Little boy who wasCrying constantly for his mommy. Finally they stopped at a railway track where they brutally kicked him,Threw stones at him, rubbed paint in his eyes, pushed batteries up his butt and cut his fingers off with scissors. Other Mutilations were Inflicted but not reported in the press. What these two boys did was So horrendous that Jamie's mother was forbidden to Identify his body. They then left his beaten small body on railway tracks so a train could run him over to hide the mess they had created. These two boys, even being boys, understood what they did was wrong, Hence trying to Make it look like an accident. This week Lady Justice Butler-Sloss has awarded the two boys anonymity For the rest of their lives when they leave custody with new Identities. They will also leave custody early only serving just over half of theirSentence. They are being relocated to Australia to live out the rest ofTheir lives.They disgustingly and violently took Jamie's life away and in return they each get a new life!Please!! If you feel as strongly as we do, that this Is a grave miscarriage of justice .

It then listed a bunch of names, in which I joined mine. But I can't help wondering...Was this Justice? In a form that we know not of because we aren't up there in the courtroom everyday? Is this fair? Did the two boys pay for what they did? and is it right to let them start a new life for a second chance? Or should we just let them rot in jail because of a mistake? and If we would rather them to rot, for this mistake then shouldn't we also be in jail because we've all made mistakes? Would we still consider it unjustice if we were one of those two boys? Or would we ask the judge to let us stay with our jail time? I personally believe, now that I've had time to think it over, that maybe it was fair justice. Maybe they have payed for their crime. We know nothing about what goes on in their heads everyday. Nor do we know if they are even sorry or not. But I believe that everybody deserves a second chance, Despite what the rest of the public believes. Because if we can't offer a second chance and forgive these two boys, though they may not have any direct relationship to us, for what they have done, then who are we to say that we ourselves deserve a second chance when we are facing the law? Even if it's just a traffic ticket. From the movie and true book, THE FREEDOM WRITERS, I have heard a good quote. "Justice don't mean the bad guy goes to jail, just that somebody pays for the crime" These two boys are obviously guilty, but who are we to say they haven't payed for their crime? Who made us the Judge?

Rambling........will be edited shortly, as soon as I get food.

Okay, so yesterday was sunday....and I was unfortunatly working. Blah. Well needless to say, it was BorinG!!! so Megan and I flipped on the tele, (tv) and fried our brains. yay. haha, we were watching America's Next Top Model, (yes I know you don't like it, but we were too lazy to change the channel) anyway, it made me feel the need to be artistic.... and I suddenly wanted to play with some color....... well I had told myself that I would not do anything "fun" until I cleaned my room. So when I got home that need to be artistic was still with me, but I had already told Megan to help me out a bit. So, we get home, and I cleaned my room!! YAY!! now the fun part. I dyed my hair. I'd had some dye for a while now, and I figured, "why not?" So we dyed my hair. and I must say, It is quite different, but looks good. Megan then dyed her hair. And it was quite the shock when she got out of the shower. Her blonde locks now dirt brown. But it was a good shock, and looks quite good. I think alot of blonds can pull it off as brunettes. Megan for sure can. and I'm running low on food, So my brain isn't thinking clearly. and I haven't worded this right at all. Nor did I post what I had originally planned to post, but I guess that's the effect of "free-lance" writing. Haha! okay, until my next post....adios!