Sunday, January 27, 2008

Update? sure? yeah okay.

Okay, so the last post on here was from before Christmas, so here is my last month in a nut shell.

The day after Christmas was EMMA'S FIRST BIRTHDAY!! She is now a one year old! And is still as cute as ever. It was said she truly enjoyed her birthday too. I mean, as much as a one year old can. And I had to miss it (stupid work, i think i work too much for too little). Either way, we have many more birthdays to come with her and any other nieces and nephews my family is willing to produce. (hint hint....) :D

Then, it was NEW YEAR'S!! And as my family tripped off to Idaho....I was stuck in Utah. Which isn't a bad place, it's just empty when everybody you know takes off. So I spent it with my friends from Salt Lake City! we played pool, and guitar hero 3. We had a three way tournament for that as well, that worked like this. Each contestant would pick a song, any song we wanted, and all three of us would play it, regardless of our playing level. The first two songs, I got last on, but when it came to my song, I blew the other guys out of the water! literally almost. I got a 340 note streak with 99% of notes hit! it was AMAZING!!! :D

let's see.....pretty much everything after that was the same. well Is the same. I go to work at 8am, get home at around 10pm. depending on my attitude and how much money i'd like to make that day. and Then i feed my cat, and feed myself, if i'm not too tired, and then I climb in bed. and the next day starts all over again. Unless of course it's a tuesday or a Thursday, that's when I get to work from 9:30am. to 3:00pm. and the rest of the day is mine! it's SO nice!

One new thing to note however, is that on February 8th, I am moving! Yes, I am moving. From my two bedroom apartment, to a one bedroom apartment in the same complex I am currently living in. This is going to be so Exciting!!! I can't wait! Because I am going to be getting another cat for one thing, Tucker gets terribly bored and lonely with me gone at work so much. (but at least his tummy is full right?) So I am going to get him a friend to play with. I'm so nice. hahah! so that's coming up in just a little less than two weeks.

Another thing, is that I am learning spanish! well.....a little spanish. I pick up on words okay enough to know when people are talking about me. Specifically speaking, my co-workers. They've named me Pollo. Which means Chicken in real life, but apparently in slang, it means Chicka. (girl) I don't know how much I believe that, but who else do I have to ask? Anyway, I've been dubed as pollo (pronounced like, poy-yo because when you have two l's together such as in pollo, they make a Y sound). So it goes.

And this concludes my update, because honestly, if you stop and think about it, nothing really goes on in my life. But it is fun to write about it. Except for the part where I met the Director of a Sundance Film! Who invited me to come see his movie as a Friend of the Director's!! and I know he truly meant as a friend. Those people were awesome! I hope they come back! (they're my new isreali friends). :D Ciao!