Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Okay, Holidays! This past St. Patrick's day, I brought my friend Chris to my family's Green Dinner. He liked it alot. Which is a good thing since that was the first time he's ever chiccken alfrado, and green dyed food. That Tuesday, I'd asked my mom if she liked him. and her reply was, "He's nice". Well, I know he's nice. So I was hoping for another type of answer. One slightly, "He's a great guy, you seem to like him." But all I got was, "He's nice". My mom then asked me, "How special is he to you?"
Here is my reply. I like him, I like him alot. He is the first guy I know to open doors for me, cars, buildings, pretty much every door we use together, he stands back and lets me through first, while holding it open for me. (That's pretty rare these days). He is the only guy I have wanted my family to meet. A couple of the other guys that I've dated in the past, I didn't want my family to meet because, pretty much to put it boldly, I've been unhappy with. I didn't want them to meet my family because I was scared that my family wouldn't like them. But Chris.....I'm proud to bring him home to meet my crazy siblings, and insanely funny parents. Basically, what I'm trying to say is, I've found somebody really special to me. His name is Chris. And I really really really like him. He is nice and good to me. He knows when I'm having a bad day, and knows just what to do to perk me up again. He likes my family as well. (He escpecially thinks my mom is funny). Which is a good thing. And I'm really glad that he likes them. and I'm hoping this turns into a long long long relationship.
So there it is, my answer. He's really special to me.

It's a glorious Easter Day!! I'm glad it was so warm today!