Friday, September 7, 2007

Education, is Important? By how much?

If people keep saying how much education is important, why is it that I never see them working on getting a better educational system? Because of greed, and money. Is really what it all comes down to. In my opinion, It is worth it to us as a nation, and as a society to pay the extra taxes to help our present and future students get a good education. I know some may think I am slightly being hypocritical with this, but I am going to get me an education, there is no doubt about that. But what about those who can't afford it? Or what about those who just don't understand why school is important? Well for those who can't afford it, there are payment plans, or here's a brilliant idea, use the same taxes we are currently paying, to go to those students who actually need it! Not the roads, not the bridges, that are still working for us (such as the east bound I-80). I know it's small...and hard to do, but if there is still a chance to make it happen, WHY NOT?!?! In Brazil, school is free. College is free (tempting I know) and it's only the private school that isn't free. I mean, doesn't that help? Heck, I would love to go to a free school. I'm sure my parents would love it too, because I would GO! In Japan an average student's school day is the equivalent of our college school day, and you have to admit, those Japanese are Smart! They spend all day going to school, including their other extracurricular activities. Which makes me wonder, Why do we say education is so important if we're not pushing to prove it? I know i'm not in school, but I do know that many students aren't getting alot of attention they need. I know because I was one of those students. Yes, I am to blame for that too. But this is more of an issue. I know families like to keep their children active and into games and other extracurricular activities, it's needed socialy. But, how much time are we as a united front taking out of their time for these activities? And how much damage is it doing to their education? It's hard for a child to learn to balance so many items, why not take one off? Or why not have the schools integrate those activities into their schedules? Because at least then, the student would get credit for it. I just don't understand, so...any helpful information on this topic would be greatly recieved.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


I think ipods are crazy. Why in the world would somebody want to listen to their whole cd library in a week? (because I honestly don't think it could happen in one day, at least not for everybody). I think they're insane. and I am personally glad that I don't have one. Yes they are nice and cool, but.....what is the point? I mean you can only listen to one song at a time anyway, so.....what went wrong with cd players again? hahaha! YOU PEOPLE ARE PSYCHO!!! (not that I'm not either) hahahaha!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Random works.

I was told I need to update my blog. So, here I am....doing just that. I've changed the colors....I forget what they were before. It seems I can never choose any that fit well enough for me to leave it alone. oh well. It's now 5:01pm and I'll be off work in an hour. I can't wait. I plan on just going home, and eating some food, and probably watching a movie. I'm just not energized today. I was late to work this morning because the brilliant people who decided to wait 5 years after the olympics were done, are now widdening the road I travel to work. Which is great, we'll have 4 lanes both ways. But it's going to take two-three years before it's complete. yay. Anyway, my ramp was closed, so I had to go all the way around, and up to 13th east to hop on the I-80. I've learned my lesson however, and will from this day on, travel up the 215, and then get on I-80. Joy! :P
It was stormy last night, and so so beautiful. I was driving home from my parent's house, and I couldn't help but be amazed at it all. The lightning would light up the sky, I could see so far! And it would light up my car! haha! The jagged edges of the lightning were quite crisp, and so wide. They were spread horizontally accross the clouds, in beautiful shapes. It's funny how when drawn, we tend to draw that awesome wonder in a zig zag shape. And it just may be that they are that shape.....but last night, it seemed like they were spelling out many shapes and so many times. I wish I could have taken a picture of it. It is amazing to me, that something so great, and so wonderful should be so feared. Maybe I'm just talking like this because I have never experienced a truly deadly and honestly feared storm....but, when the sky darkens, or when the trees blow so hard they seem to be ready to snap in half but rarely do, or when the rain starts to is hard to be scared. It is almost as though the storm is comforting to me, and I don't know why. But I like it! It's autumn! The leaves are starting to change, and soon the mountain side will be covered in oranges, reds, yellows, and browns! It's going to be absolutely gorgeous! The air will be sweetly crisp, and you'll be able to smell the blue sky. Mmmmm! I almost can't wait. okay, well I'm going home. Ciao!!! :D:D:D