Friday, November 23, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!! WHOOOOOOO! I am just signing in to let everybody know that it's been a wonderful Thanksgiving despite work. I worked from 8-4 though my schedule was set for 8-3. It was probably the most slowest day ever! I watched two movies; The Princess Bride and Ice Age, The Melt Down! (yay). I then went through my emails, (because I have so so many) played my gameboy, (which still won't let me win) oh, and I organized my potential future apts. into categories. (i.e. Most like, cheapest, cheapest most liked, Most expensive but will try for if others are unavailable, Least liked, Roomates) all that fun stuff. Then, I went down to Megan's house for some food that she had put aside for me. Thank you for Megan!! She had saved me; Turkey, Ham, Potatoes, Corn, a Roll, Olives, Green Beans, and Yams! ooh it was delicious! and I had sprite for a drink! oh man, and while I ate, Megan and I looked through all the ads from the paper and talked about many things we had wanted to buy. Knowing full well we wouldn't. I even tried talking her into going to the mad-morning rush of Black Friday with me (I had seen something I thought was awesome, and she had seen a PSP) But, Megan is smart and instead talked me out of going. At least so early in the morning. :D I ended up going at 8 just because I was curious if what I had liked so much was as popular as I'd hoped it wouldn't be. Unfortunately, it was very popular. Which is fine, since now I can save for next year, and see how many bruises I can accumulate then. Because I must admit, how funny it is to see so many crazy people pushing their carts around, and the looks on their faces when they acquire what they set out to get...priceless. Though I'm pretty sure I'd have the same look. Anyway, it was quite fun...though it wasn't at 5. Which is still good. probably even better too, since this was my first year and I was a newbie at it. Once that was all done, I drove up to work, and discovered that nobody else was here yet (go figure). However, it's a fantastic day none-the-less (is that one word?) and I'm glad as a non-stuffed turkey that I was able to go. I'm also very grateful for Megan, and that she's the coolest friend I know. and Now, I CAN NOT WAIT! UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!! :D I hope everybody else enjoyed their thanksgiving as well. Ciao!