Friday, February 15, 2008

SHUT UP!!! for crying out loud, please SHUT UP!!

"I am not happy with my unit" "I have a few complaints" "I have quite a few problems, are you ready with a pen and paper?" "I need to talk to the manager about....." "I want a refund" "My unit is leaking, and I had to play housekeeper all night last night, so I'll be checking out, and I'm not paying for the rest of my stay" "Do you think I'm some second class citizen???"

First of all, I don't truly care if you're happy with your unit or not because of the view, the size of your TV, or that you had to "play housekeeper" all night. However! I do sympathize with you staying up all night. As for your view, how often are you going to be looking at it anyway if you're continuously going to be out on the slopes?!? And if you are acting like a pig of course I'm going to assume you're a "Second class citizen" because such a title even exists in the Wasatch Front Mountains! and Yes, I do have pen and paper ready, I always have pen and paper ready, however writing down your comlaints is another issue. I don't always want to write them down, I don't even want to hear them. If you had an issue upon check in you need to speak with our night shift crew who does all checking in. I am just in the morning. Have you ever seen me here at night? NO!! I don't work night shift, and No I'm not going to know anything about what happened last night because our night shift co-workers don't truly know what they're doing! They hardly ever leave me a note to fill me in on what's going on that day, nor do they ever do their job right in the first place. They are horrible at this job, absolutely horrible!! But what am I complaining for? At least it's no longer just me in the office. I think that's the only good thing about it.

And now I must go, work has to get done, after all I do have to work on getting the other employees trianed the Right way. (if they'll listen) Adios! and thank you for reading! :D