Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quick Updates-about upcoming events

Okay, so here I am getting ready for a fattening weekend in about a week? That's right! Thanksgiving! A wonderful holiday to pack on some pounds! and I mean it. Chris and I are going to his parents house first. Then we'll be heading down to my parent's house for another fantastic meal. Hopefully though we'll be able to have enough room in our stomachs for both places. I hope so because I'm sure there is going to be alot of fantastic food. Also another perk that comes with the Thanksgiving time of year is the BYU vs. U game. GO BYU! I'm sure they'll win. At least that's what I'm hoping for. It should be pretty awesome. I plan on watching the game over at Chris's place in HD! Good stuff, hopefully though the TV will work. He's had trouble with his antanae since he got it, it's a bit sensative to movement. Anyway, there's this and next weekend for ya.

As for next month...December. Chris plans on taking me to see The Nutcracker. :D should be fun. and I plan on spending Christmas with my family. and hopefully we'll be going up to Idaho as well, since this time I will be able to have at least some time for that this year. and I'm hoping to get some serious snowmobiling in. Hint hint.

So that's it as far a s plans for the rest of the year go. I'm not big into planning too far ahead, though I have been known to plan ahead for a few things. My family can probably tell you that much. But for now, that's everything. Well I hope you all enjoyed...and I'll be back tomorrow to do some better blogging for everybody who reads this thing (and that's only about what? four people?) hahaha, oh well, it's fun anyway. Alright, peace everybody! I'm going home!